A non-profit




We are able to feed 0 - 250 at a time.

Culinary arts

our hands on training in Culinary arts has help charge the lives of over 100 of our community partners.The training helps and promote job

readiness and trains on food cost and money management how to stretch the dollar at home in work for all thats on a fixed income

All foods that you see was cook by our very own head chef and all training is done by the team, Give it up inc. turns work into purpose.

 we aim to make each stomach happy.


our gifts helped keep 200 men 75 women form going back to jail or being out in the streets in return have provided 275 housing opportunity, helping community agenicies clear there books with people they couldnt find housing or jobs,these workers are tax paying up standard citizens of our city and you will never know who or were they are because they wear the same chef

packet as I do, or they maybe your next manager at McDonalds ,Ihop, Fridays, Family dollar.If you followed my success chart then what you just was,275pp found work in housing that was living in the street when they were in the rooms or shelter living cost SROs rooms $600 per year times 275pp =165,000 just in rent another 90,000 food costs to feed them about 40,000 in ui and gas. about $300,000  in staffing. These wonderful people are now assets to the city, home buying is up more taxes are being paid,H0w do I know it work we not only wrote the program i was the first candidate and Graduate.40% of these people are home owers now 25% rent 1 bed rooms 35% 2 bed room apartments,just from a caring meal, safe place to sleep and good shelter placement.Economic development. Give it up inc ,each person pays 12000 in bills time 275pp brings the city 3,3000 in one back in the economic in cash not counting the taxes it brings back at about 1/3 rd more.

we  are around for our community ,we are feeding the community and partnering with our local community chruches and businesses to do our part to make sure our community is feed

 We are dedicated to providing our community with the highest standard of food services, after and during the training employing the same people we are housing to work at our: Banquets, weddings, brithday party, Dinners ,funeral repasts. We teach all not to just come to a job but  how to produce a work that you love doing and would be will to give the gift back and teach it and serve it back in another soup kitchen.