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for The Hope Center(coming soon)

"What is The Hope Center?" you may ask!

It is a one-stop shop where you can meet your needs; we have a:

  • Soup Kitchen, where our teens and young adults work to provide some of the best catering around
  • Family-In-Crisis Laundry Room
  • Theatre Arts Program
  • Big Brother, Little Sister Program
  • Banquet Hall(s)
  • Medical Transportation Services

We understand that we may not be able to completely eradicate homelessness, hunger, unemployment, and foster care, but we strive to change the look of it when it comes through both our city and our doors... one life at a time.

Give It Up, Inc. loves broad local support!

a word from our founder & c.e.o., Morris sumpter Jr.

OUR SOUP KITCHEN not only feeds year-round, 

but our staff (youth and young adults) have the opportunity for receiving mentoring, assistance with their basic needs, and are provided with all of the proper frameworks and resources to search for jobs.


Teaches the staff (teens and young adults) work ethics necessary for the workplace, regardless of trade, as well as ethics that can be useful in their personal endeavors as well – such as, time management skills, and what it means to be of service to people. The program also teaches the staff not only what great food tastes like, but the business aspect to cuisine entails.

Overall, it is an opportunity to teach how to do what you love and create a living that both helps yourself and others.



WE SUPPORT aging out of foster care.

by providing rehabilitation services and a peaceful home setting for these young adults to prepare them for the transition back into society as young adults.

We offer one-on-one life coaching, basic home economics training, all for the sake of becoming an asset and not a liability in the community.

We partner with local businesses and colleges, and create jobs within our system, as well.

Learn more about current and planned programs, or come check us out!

Mission + Vision



While I understand that we don't have the power to end poverty, homelessness, and unemployment, Give It Up, Inc.'s purpose is to support and assist those that are affected, be it an adolescent, teen, or adult.

Through collaboration with local agencies and churches, Give It Up, Inc. has the resources and the passion to point those affected in the right direction.

Find out what drives us to do what we do.


are always on-time and support the elderly, disabled, or handicapped.

We offer both local and long-distance transportation services.

A non-profit